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Which collection will make you roar with pleasure?

Discover our creative jungle, where each piece has a soul , each color a story , and each animal a unique personality . Awaken the aura of objects with our ceramics and our upcycled objects .

Coussins Sauvages

Immerse yourself in the jungle of softness with our collection of wildly colored cushions! Bold animal patterns, vibrant colors, and a touch of originality make these cushions the kings of the savannah of comfort. Brighten up your living space with a dose of animal madness.

Our wild cushions


Welcome to our craziest ceramic collection! Here, we mock norms and let our imagination take control. Originality is our credo, the colors pop, and each piece is a tribute to the world's wildlife, with a touch of madness. Welcome to the ceramic jungle!

Our wild ceramics

The little face of your ceramic animal